Short story “The Overseer” in The Literary Review

Unknown In “The Overseer”, globalized markets deliver a comeuppance to Vic Graburn, director of the films The Leverage Point and A Man Above. How is art designed for export–whether it’s Transformers 3 or trinkets sold to tourists–deformed by the needs of the market? How do intellectual property and de-industrialization intersect? Shameless cultural ventriloquism is also involved. An earlier version of this story appeared in The Fanzine as “In the Blink of An All-Seeing Eye” a few years back complete with “illustrations” I made for Junc Gallery’s “Zine Show” exhibit, which included Ron Rege Jr., Sammy Harkham, John Porcellino, and Souther Salazar. “The Overseer” is one of a series of stories about intellectual property, international trade, and masculinity.

TLR previously published a raunchy 8,000 monster of a story of mine called > < in their Winter 2013 issue.

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