Plummeting Appliances, Dying Verbs, Enslaved Automatons, and Other Objects

Louis Chude-Sokei_cropped
Photograph by Diego Sierralto

This reading, which included Joshua Cohen, Louis Chude-Sokei, Jim Krusoe, Joanna Ruocco, and Matthew Derby, was held at 601 Artspace and coincided with their exhibit The Unspecific Index, which contained largely photographic works dealing with post-human ontology. There were works by John Baldessari, love letters from Buckminster Fuller, and a photographic piece by George Christoph Lichtnberg that Louis and I are examining in the photo above. Louis read a great piece on Joice Heth, a sometimes slave owned/employed by P.T. Barnum and exhibited variously as George Washington’s 100+ year-old wet nurse or as an android, depending on Barnum’s interpretation of the audience’s whims. This piece later appeared in McSweeney’s The Believer. All five writers’ talks can be watched here. Additional information about the event and photographs can be viewed here.

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