Seven Bedtimes for Seven Bonzos


I have a short story in the lush perfect-bound issue 13 of Yeti magazine, which also has a sweet-ass 7-inch record in its back cover and boggling illustrations throughout. Yeti has previously published some of my favorite authors, such as Trinie Dalton, Stacey Levine, and Kevin Sampsell, but also musical contributions from Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel, Will Oldham, The Blow, Devendra Banhart, etc.  “According to their testimony, the three co-defendants had met wile flipping ollies in the drained swimming pools and of suburban southern California and had gone on to serve as graphic designers and principal investors in their own product line of extreme sports clothing.” The story is set largely in Cambodia and Indonesia of the 1970s and asks questions about ownership and imagery. You can buy it here. Also an opening excerpt from the story is now up at Vagabond, Bulgaria’s English-language news site, in conjunction with my time in Bulgaria as a Fulbright research fellow and my time previously here as Sozopol Fiction Fellow.

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