Brian Dewan! Stacey Levine! Monica Youn!

Stacey Levine photographed by David Moscovich
Stacey Levine photographed by David Moscovich

This was a reading / concert I put together at Unnameable Books on what proved to be one of the hottest days of the year. David Moscovich did a great write-up of it for Electronic Books’ The Outlet blog. Stacey Levine is the author of Frances Johnson, Girl with Brown Fur, and Dra-. Her collection My Horse and Other Stories won the PEN/West Fiction Award. “Stacey Levine ignores lyricism as an evolutionary dead end. Life is fractious and dire, her prose style says; let fiction serve as razor and torch.” –Bookforum

Brian Dewan photographed by David Moscovich

Brian Dewan performs original compositions as well as odd traditional folk songs using electric zither/autoharp, accordion, organ and homemade electronics. Dewan’s invention the Swarmatron was used extensively in the soundtrack to The Social Network. His visual art has appeared on album artwork for David Byrne, Neutral Milk Hotel and They Might Be Giants. Dewan has also performed a series of educational film strips, one of which was included on the first of McSweeney’s Wholpin DVDs.

Monica Youn is the author of the National Book Award finalist Ignatz, a collection of poetry themed around George Herriman’s Krazy Kat comic strips series, which ran from 1913 to 1944 and featured a love triangle between a police officer dog, a good-hearted cat and an anarchist mouse. She is also the author of the collection Barter, active as a lawyer at the Brennan Center for Justice and has appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews. This reading also led to Stacey Levine’s story “He Wanted All Galenans to Know He Was Real” in The Fanzine and as a chapbook from David Moscovich’s Louffa Press.

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