Thurston Moore “Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture”


Originally published in the Portland Mercury, June 2005

Thurston Moore’s collaborative zine-like book Mix Tape is like a mix tape of mix tapes: John Zorn, DJ Spooky, Christian Marclay, Mike Watt, Dodie Bellamy, Mac McCaughan, and dozens more writers, graphic designers, artists, and other people in the entertainment industry share stories of favorite mix tapes from and for friends, lovers, and parents.

The book is primarily a record of the mix tape as a method of emotional communication. Sensitive menfolk who can’t verbalize their love can give a mix tape on which rock stars express their undying emotions. As Moore puts it, “The toughest cowpoke can express his gooey love vibe without losing an iota of man stench.” He tells of bringing a box of mix tapes to wife and Sonic Youth bandmate Kim at the hospital when she was going into labor. Filmmaker Allison Anders recalls getting busted giving the same mix tape to multiple boys.

Read the complete article at The Portland Mercury.

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